Seattle Animation Film Festival

Illustration & Advertising

Seattle Animation Film Festival is an annual film festival held in Seattle that celebrates animated films, filmmakers, and storytellers from the Pacific Northwest. SAFF gives animators, film enthusiasts, and people in the Seattle area a fun summer event to enjoy with the whole family.

  • ClientSchool Project
  • Timeline6 Week
  • RolesIllustration, Branding, Marketing
  • ToolsAdobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
  • CollaboratorsN/A

Without an established audience, the debut of the Seattle Animation Film Festival needed a strong outreach and marketing campaign to generate a large turnout. This required unique, alternative advertising with a strong and cohesive brand to establish recognition within the community.


Animation is a dynamic art where anything can happen. With the tagline “a world of possibilities,” I wanted to pay homage to film, creativity, and the Pacific Northwest. The fun and illustrative aesthetic sets the tone for the fun summer festival and uses striking visuals to pull people in.

Monster Balloon

An essential part of creating the cohesive and eye-catching brand is utilizing color. I chose yellow to represent sun and summer, a vibrant pink to catch the eye, and shades of blue to ground the illustrations. Creating a whole library of illustrations meant I needed shades of each color. To establish the palette, I created a blend between the highlight and shade of each color and extracted the swatches to get a smooth gradient.


I created a cohesive library or illustrations that depict fun characters, film-related objects, and icons from the Pacific Northwest. The illustrations can be used with marketing or branding tiled for to create an illustrative pattern.

SAFF Illustrations
SAFF  Monster Tote
SAFF Robot Tote
SAFF Popcorn
SAFF Poster

To develop intrigue through unique alternative advertising, I decided to paint the town...specifically, with the brand illustrations. Displaying random characters and objects around the city with festival information generates curiosity and creates a quirky dichotomy between animation and the real world. These moments of strange delight create fun photo opportunities that people can share across social media.

SAFF UFO Alternative Advertising
SAFF Popcorn Alternative Advertising
SAFF Submarine Alternative Advertising